Which Parts of My Garage Require Regular Maintenance?

Maintenance is important for your entire house, and it’s important not to forget your garage. Your garage needs attention to stand strong against all the elements. Start with this maintenance plan to keep your garage in good shape.

Garage Door

Your garage door is an important element of your house that needs to work properly. The first key to taking care of your garage door is to listen to the sounds it makes when you try to raise or lower it. Garage doors have to be lubricated, and you may need to tighten parts of the door that come loose over time. The rollers on your garage door also need to be checked and replaced, usually every five to seven years. The exterior of your garage door also needs to be checked for weather damage and cracks. You can either hire a professional to work on these maintenance items or do them yourself to keep your garage door running smoothly and looking great.


Weather-proofing a garage is important if you want true efficiency in your home. Heat can escape every time you open your garage, but it’s also possible to lose heat when the door is closed if your garage isn’t properly adapted for the weather. Insulation can even be added to make sure your garage is weather-proofed as much as possible. Weather stripping is also important and needs to be checked to make sure it is in good shape. It’s advised that weather stripping requires regular cleaning. Once you remove old weather strips, you need to clean the area before placing new ones. You also need to make sure to prepare your entire garage to keep warmth inside and water damage outside. Weather-proof your garage before winter arrives so you will be ready when the weather gets cold.


Why worry about the concrete floor of your garage? Well, if you don’t, cracks may appear that could compromise the integrity of your home. Your garage usually stores your vehicle and any belongings you aren’t using. It carries a lot of weight and needs to be maintained. You need to sweep or vacuum your garage floor to keep it clean and free of insect and pest infestations. Check for cracks or leaks from your vehicle once the floor is clean. You can even use a different type of flooring to cover your garage floor. This enhances the appearance and may offer extra protection from harmful elements. When checking your garage floor, make sure to keep items away from your garage door so it doesn’t jam or become damaged.

Maintaining your garage is an essential part of maintaining your home. As an area that gets high traffic, it’s important that it’s in working order. Don’t forget to view this part of your house the way you would any other when it comes to maintenance.

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