Reasons You Might Fail a Home Inspection

home inspection

A home inspection is an incredibly useful tool. Having a professional come through and give an unbiased estimation of the condition of the property can be invaluable for buyers and sellers alike. Here are some of the most common reasons why you might fail such an inspection.

Water Damage

Water damage is not only common, but nefarious. It can be all too easy to miss if you’re not careful. Slow, gradual damage from inside walls or ceilings over the course of months can result in very extensive issues and very expensive repairs. Always be on the lookout for mold, discoloration, or warping. Check spaces that you might not pass through very often, like attics and basements. Check the roof for leaks on a regular basis. A professional will be able to give you tips on what needs to be done and how much it might cost.

Electrical Problems

In the modern day, you can’t really expect anyone to be comfortable in a home without a good electrical system. The power of convenience and practicality that such a system offers is too good to ignore. That’s why electrical damage is a priority that needs to be addressed before selling your home. Damage caused by electrical problems is only one facet – you should also make sure that the system is updated and working smoothly without wasting energy or showing other signs of malfunctioning. A bad system can result in a significantly lower price if you are preparing to sell. It’s also usually best to have a professional electrician come take a look. Once you know the problem, have someone with experience take care of it to avoid injuring yourself.

Foundation Problems

Foundation issues are one of the worst issues that you could have. They present a serious danger – since your home will gradually be shifting or sinking, and may actually cave in. It is also quite easy to miss foundation problems since it usually is hard to see a shifting house with the naked eye. Doors or windows that are having trouble fitting into their frame are one indication to look out for. Get a professional inspector to check it out if you believe this to be your problem.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to leave things to the professionals. While some projects might feasibly be completed by yourself, others cannot be done so easily. It’s important to know the difference – and it’s also important to get home maintenance done quickly and efficiently once you realize there’s a problem.

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