What You Need to Worry About Cleaning After a Tenant Moves Out

Once a tenant moves out of your property, there is some maintenance you need to address. Cleaning the space before a new tenant moves in should be one of your top priorities. You want to make sure you keep the space pristine for your next tenants and set a standard for cleanliness on your property!

The Kitchen

To start off, you will want to clean all of the commonly used spaces. This includes the kitchen in particular. Now is the time to deep clean the oven and even give the sink a deep cleaning. Try and get the kitchen as close to new condition as possible. As a part of your cleaning, you should also address all the hard to reach spots as well. For example, dust and food crumbs can collect under the fridge or oven. You should try to reach these areas. The kitchen can also contain grease spots that have gotten on the floor, walls, or ceiling from cooking. Cleaning grease spots can be done with different cleaners or it can be done naturally with warm water, liquid dish soap, baking soda, or vinegar.


The bathrooms need to be cleaned well in order to avoid turning away your new tenants. You should cover the basics like cleaning the sink, counter, mirror, and floor. However, your main goal is to get the tub/shower and toilet clean. Go the extra mile with the toilet and clean all the nooks and crannies including around the base of the toilet. Try to get rid of any stains or water marks in the toilet bowl. If your tub has any rings or stains, you can get rid of them by mixing baking soda and water and then scrubbing with a magic eraser. When cleaning your bathroom, take some time to unclog both the sink and shower drains. People worry about bathrooms being a little dirtier or lower quality than other parts of a rental property. Subvert expectations by giving them a thoroughly cleaned bathroom.

The Walls

Now that your tenants have moved out all of their stuff, all the areas of your property are exposed and can be properly cleaned. The walls of your property may typically be covered by furniture or decorations, but now is your chance to give them a thorough cleaning. As you clean your walls, make sure you wipe away any stains or marks. Parts of the walls near air vents can sometimes accumulate dust and grime, so make sure you clean these areas well. To properly prepare your space for new tenants, consider filling in nail holes, patching up any dents or large holes, and give your walls a new coat of paint.


While you want to clean the floors in general, it’s a good idea to give your carpets some special attention. Carpets tend to trap a lot of stains and messes. A deep clean can remove dirt, dust, and stains and give them a more refreshed look. Odors and bad smells can also become trapped in carpets and cleaning them well helps to remove these odors. Additionally, cleaning your carpets can protect your future tenants. Allergens, such as pet hair or dander, can become trapped in the carpets and may irritate new tenants. There are many breeds of puppies with different allergen levels. Some may be hypoallergenic and others may exacerbate allergies, so it’s best to be thorough no matter what breeds your previous tenants had.


When your new tenants move in, you want to give them a bright, happy space. Cleaning the windows is a great way to do this. Over time, windows can become dingy. Giving them a good cleaning can clear them up and allow more light into the space as well as provide a better view. When cleaning windows, you want to use the right tools so you can avoid any streaks. Start by removing any dust and dirt already on the surface of the windows, and make sure to clean both sides. Then apply proper glass or window cleaner. A microfiber cloth is the best tool to use to wipe and dry your windows with.

Baseboards and Trim

The point of cleaning after your tenants move out is to prepare the space for new tenants and to take advantage of the opportunity to clean often overlooked spaces. The baseboards and trim are spots that you should give some attention to. Dust and grime can accumulate on baseboards over time and that will make your space look poorly cared for. You could easily wipe them down, or you could be more thorough when cleaning your baseboards. Vacuum away all the dirt and grime, spend time on any stains, and use cotton swabs and microfiber cloths to get hard to reach spaces and create a shiny finished trim.

Doors and Fixtures

To ensure your new tenants move into a nice, clean space, you should consider cleaning areas that often don’t get attention. For example, doors are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Wipe down the surfaces of your doors and disinfect the handles. You should also make sure you dust the doorframe and the top of the door. Now is also the time to see if any of the doors need repairs. In addition to cleaning your doors, you should address any fixtures in the space. This can include light fixtures or ceiling fans. These tend to collect a lot of dust and aren’t often cleaned. Dusting and cleaning these overlooked areas of your property can improve your new tenants’ perception of the space.

Removing Trash

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth saying. Once your old tenants move out, go through the property and remove any leftover items or trash. Your new tenants should move into a completely empty space and not be burdened with items that were left behind by previous tenants. Additionally, you can make sure any outside dumpsters are empty and ready for your new tenants to use.

New tenants have certain expectations about the condition of a property when they move in. You can meet these expectations by ensuring you keep your property clean. Doing so will increase their satisfaction and improve your reputation as a property manager.

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