When Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Home Inspection

Home Inspection. If you own a home and have ever been involved in the process of buying or selling a home, you’ve probably had some level of experience with a home inspection. Home inspections can be helpful tools that help people get a better understanding of the condition a property is in. There are lots of times when having a home inspection is a good idea.

When You Buy a Home

When preparing to purchase a home, it’s always a good idea to get it inspected before the deal is finalized. It would be nice to think that all homeowners will be upfront and honest about the condition of the house and any current problems with it. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Even if the seller is perfectly honest and upright about disclosing any issues with the home they are aware of, there may be problems that have gone unnoticed. While a home inspection doesn’t cover everything in the house, it can still give you a better idea of what you’d be getting into as the new homeowner.

Before You Sell Your Home

As a current homeowner looking to sell your home, it might be a good idea to consider getting a home inspection before putting your house on the market. This can give you a good idea of the condition your home is in and what, if any, problems need attention before you sell your home. While there are plenty of buyers who are willing to purchase a home in need of repair, you’ll need to lower the price of your house in order to entice them to the sale. Other prospective buyers may find the need for repairs to be a deal breaker. It’s understandable, considering that buying a house could easily be one of the largest purchases they ever make. Sometimes having to pay for repairs on the back of that is just too much.

Before Making Renovations

Maybe you aren’t currently looking to buy or sell a house. Maybe you’re just planning to make renovations to the one you currently live in. Home additions like a deck can improve your home values. Changing your floorplan to reflect the current trends and demands can help in this aspect as well. If your renovations include a major overhaul like this, it’s a good idea to get an inspection before you get started. This is especially the case if you intend to knock out any walls. Some of the walls in your home will be load bearing walls that are critical to maintaining the structural integrity of your home. You probably won’t be able to identify them just by looking at them, so it’s a good idea to get your home inspected so you know which walls you can get rid of and which ones you need to leave alone.

Before Winter Home Inspection

Homes tend to take quite a beating during winter. The cold, wet weather that tends to come along with the winter months put a lot of stress on your home. People tend to be home more, which puts greater demands on your home’s electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and water heating systems. The exterior of your home shelters the rest of your home from harsh weather conditions, but can become worn and damaged because of it. Getting an inspection well before winter sets in can help you spot problems that can become exacerbated by winter weather early enough for you to have a chance to fix them before greater damage is done. Winter is not the time you want to be dealing with power problems or a leaky roof.

During Construction

Home inspections aren’t just limited to existing homes. It’s a good idea to have a new home inspected during the construction process as well. Sometimes home builders make mistakes or may lack the skills or knowledge to do things correctly. An inspection during the construction process can help ensure that problems are identified and fixed before construction is completed. This is best done before the drywall is put in, as this allows an inspector to see the framework and electrical wiring that would otherwise be covered up. Problems with these elements will be easier to both identify and fix if done before the drywall is hung.

After Construction is Complete

It’s easy to think that a newly constructed home should be perfect and problem free. That isn’t necessarily the case. Because of this, it’s important to have a newly constructed home inspected once the construction process has been completed in addition to those done during the construction process. This is similar to those done during the process of buying and selling a home. It should be done before you move in. Keep in mind that while new homes may not have problems like mold, leaky roofs, or worn out appliances, they still can have plenty of problems. These are usually due to poor workmanship or a failure to properly follow the plans. Having a home inspection done when construction is completed can help you identify any of these problems so they can be fixed before you move in.

If You’re Concerned About Structural Problems

Whether your home has gone through an earthquake, a flood, or even just years of settling, from time to time you may become concerned about the structural integrity of your home. You may have even noticed signs of structural damage. If that’s something that concerns you, it’s a good idea to have your home inspected. An inspector can look at your foundation, walls, roof, and any other structural components to make sure they are in good condition. If there are problems with any of them, they’ll make note of it so you can address the problem.

Getting your home inspected, whether it’s a part of the sale process or not, is a good idea. It can help you identify current problem areas as well as those that you can expect to need work within the next few years. Become informed about the condition your home is in to give yourself a chance to perform maintenance and repairs that can help you avoid more costly fixes down the road.

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