Items You Shouldn’t Forget to Inspect for in Your Home

Whether you are just buying a new home or looking at issues in a home you’ve been living in for a while, getting an inspection can be a great way to identify and take care of issues. If you are in the process of buying, an inspection can help you to know what you are getting into and give you room to negotiate. If you are already living in your home, an inspection can help you to keep your home safe and resolve potential issues before they get too large. Either way, you want to make sure that your inspection covers all the most important elements of your home.

Poor Insulation

Insulation is an essential part of any home, and when it is broken, missing, or not of good quality, it can make your home less comfortable and your utility bills more expensive. Having your insulation inspected can help you to make your home more temperate and improve the efficiency of your space. In addition to heating and cooling benefits, insulation can provide you with some resistance to sound, so you won’t have to be bothered by outside noises when you try to sleep. Getting your insulation inspected will generally help your home to perform better and give you an idea of your efficiency.

Foundation Cracks

The foundation of your home is one of the most important elements, if it fails your home will be in major trouble. By getting your foundation inspected for cracks, you can ensure that your home is safe and livable. Thin cracks generally don’t indicate a problem, but bigger cracks can point to a major issue. An inspector will be able to identify cracks and figure out what they mean for the safety and soundness of your home. Checking the foundation is not a step you want to skip since it can be so important to the overall state of any home.

Termite Damage

Termites are tiny creatures, but they can cause a whole world of damage. Getting your home inspected for termite damage is an essential part of protecting it and keeping it in good condition. An important part of a termite inspection is that your inspector can see what damage is old and identify if there is a current termite problem. Active damage will continue to grow without intervention while old damage can decrease the structural stability of your home. If either kind of damage is found through the inspection, it is important to take care of it as soon as possible.

Your Deck

A deck is an awesome addition to any home, but if it is not in good shape, it can cause major problems and be a danger. Getting it inspected can help you to ensure you can use your deck and get the most out of it each day. When it’s safe and secure, a deck can be a great place to host parties. Once you know it is secure, you can improve it to have great shade and other desirable features that make it more comfortable and even more ideal for entertaining. Your deck can be a great way to increase your entertaining space and get more out of your home all year long.

A Lead Paint Inspection

In older homes, lead paint was a standard and was used by a variety of homeowners and builders without thought. Now we know that it is a problematic material and can be dangerous, especially if you are pulling it down and breathing in the particles. Getting a lead paint inspection can give you peace of mind before moving in or starting a home improvement project. The more you know about your home the safer you can be when making an improvement or even just deciding to buy the home in the first place.

HVAC Inspection

The HVAC system in your home is what is responsible for heating and cooling and keeping the air quality as good as possible. An HVAC inspection allows you to check the efficiency of the system and identify potential problems. Whether your inspection turns up an issue or not, it is helpful to know that your space is in good condition and it is useful to have as much information as possible. An HVAC expert can help you to figure out the next steps if you are having problems with your HVAC system.

A Roof Inspection

The roof is one of the most important elements of any home. And, since it is exposed to the weather all year long, it can be a place where a lot of damage can occur. Getting your roof inspected can protect your whole home and make it easier to ensure that you are comfortable and taken care of while you are in your space. A roof inspector will look for damaged roofing materials, holes, and cracks to ensure that there aren’t major problems going on behind the scenes.

A Sewer System Inspection

The sewer system is essential to keeping any home clean and free of potential danger. If you have or are looking to buy an older home, you must get the sewer system inspected. Inspectors can use small cameras to inspect the pipes and make sure you aren’t at risk of any major issues. Older homes have had plenty of time to develop clogs or have their systems backed up, so you must get it checked out and avoid a disgusting problem down the line.

Your home is an important space where you spend a huge portion of your life. That’s why it should be in the best shape possible. Being informed about the state of your home and its ability to help you and do what you need is an important part of home ownership. By making sure that you get necessary items inspected, you can keep your home in great working order and enjoy your space to the fullest.

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