Serious House Problems Inspections Can Identify


Houses can look perfect on the surface, but carry large problems and big costs just underneath the naked eye. There’s a reason home inspections have become basically par for the course when it comes to real estate investments! Certain problems can be taken into consideration in the future pricing and repairs needed for a house, but there are some that should be addressed the moment you’re informed about them!

House Termites

One of the most insidious and rapid-spread problems a home inspector can find is the presence of termites in your home. They can go unnoticed for a long time, so there’s no knowing they’ve been chewing at your foundations until the damage is visible or an inspector notices via hollow-sounding wood, small holes near the home or in wood, or wings on the floor. Wooden beams can be replaced, at times, but the problem will only continue until an exterminator is called. Termites left unchecked can do so much damage to your foundation your floors literally crumble beneath your feet!

Electrical Problems

Electricity is essential to the function of your house, but it’s also the most dangerous thing in it. When an inspector notices electrical issues, waiting before getting a fix is never a good idea. Defective wiring, whether frayed or chewed on by rodents, and sparking sockets are signs that something is seriously malfunctioning. Left alone, electric burns or even a fire can result. Also, arc flashes are a serious threat to safety, and just one of the reasons why it’s so important to leave electrical work to a licensed electrician. For your own sake as well as the future residents of a house, get this one done right away!

Water Damage

When a home inspection reveals water damage to be a major problem in your house, it means business. Unsound walls and mold growth can lead to separate but equally dangerous safety hazards for anyone living in the house, so hiring an experienced specialist will help you to determine the source of water damage spots and fix those problems before replacing the damaged materials. Getting rid of this problem immediately is essential to avoid later damage and costly repairs.

A lot of things can go wrong in a house, but inspectors are here to help you, not make your life worse. Identifying problems and then fixing them as soon as possible will always save you money long term. Every second counts!

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